King Arthur: How Real is He?

For centuries historians have debated if King Arthur really existed. While none of us can say for certain, i think we can all keep an open mind. Now, when I talk about him existing, I mean just him. The Knights of The Round Table may have existed but people like Merlin probably didn't and was [...]


Local History Month: The Newport Rising

May is officially Local History month, so for the next few weeks my posts will be about historic events which took place in my hometown of Newport, South Wales. Starting with the Newport Rising. Which was the last large scale rebellion in the United Kingdom. With very little time, the authorities quickly prepared for the [...]

The Assassination of Spencer Perceval

Assassinations have happened all over the world, from Franz Ferdinand to JFK and a total of 4 American Presidents have been assassinated and assassination attempts were also carried out on Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Including some attempts that were carried out against assassinated presidents, such as Abraham Lincoln and [...]

7 colourised historic photos

It's always nice when we look back at photos that have been taken throughout history. It's even nicer when we see those historic photos in colour, after seeing them in black and white for so long. In this article i will be sharing 7 of my favourite colourised historic photos. 1. Steel Mill this is [...]

The Kennedy Assassination Attempt of 1960

President John F. Kennedy is one of America's most popular presidents and almost everyone has heard the story about how Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated Kennedy in Dallas, Texas in 1963. But what most people don't know is that there was an attempt on Kennedy's life 3 years before his assassination in 1960. In the fall [...]

The Confederate States of America (1861 – 1865)

When Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860, he probably never thought he would have a civil war on his hands less than a year later. But that is exactly what happened when the southern states of America banded together and founded The Confederate States of America, or The Confederacy as it's better known. The [...]