Who Was St. David?

Today, the people of Wales are celebrating St. David's Day. It is celebrated on 1st March and has been for hundreds of years. But who was St. David and why do the Welsh celebrate him? St. David was born in the year 500, he was the grandson of Ceredig ap Cunedda, who was King of Ceredigion. [...]


Who was the real Captain Morgan?

Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum is enjoyed by millions of people around the world and what most people who drink the stuff may not know, is that he was a real person. Sir Henry Morgan is the man who is the inspiration behind the much loved rum and for once, this story is local history for [...]

Chernobyl: Frozen in Time

Almost 32 years ago, disaster struck the town of Chernobyl. Leaving it uninhabitable for any living thing for the next 20,000 years. But what happened at Chernobyl? Why did it happen? and is it safe to go there at all today? We're going to be talking about all these in today's article. What Happened and [...]


Sir Winston Churchill: Hero or Villain?

Welcome to the second instalment of the "Hero or Villain" series. It's been a while since I posted the Richard Nixon: Hero or Villain article, but you seemed to like it, so I thought we would tackle another historical figure that have people divided; Sir Winston Churchill. During Britain's darkest hours in World War II, [...]


What really sank the Titanic

On April 10th 1912, the RMS Titanic set out on her maiden voyage. But the luxury cruise liner would not reach her destination after the ship struck an iceberg, sinking the ship and taking more than 1,500 people to a watery grave. For more than 100 years people have heard the story of the Titanic [...]


Who was the real P.T Barnum?

Christmas is over, the New Year has come, the mad hysteria is at an end. After the chaos of another Christmas, we can finally return to normal. Starting with the return of Profiles in History! Today we are going to look at the man Hugh Jackman brought to life on the big screen, P.T Barnum. [...]


Theodore Roosevelt: The Bull Moose that changed America

He was a bull moose, a rough rider, a boxer, a politician, a Colonel, rancher, a hunter, police commissioner, Governor and President of the United States. Theodore Roosevelt is arguably the best President America has ever seen and whether you liked him or not, there's no denying that he changed America with brash and bold [...]