Joseph Stalin: The Red Tsar

He was the most feared man in all of Russia, he was a leader and a dictator and yet Russia loved him. Joseph Stalin is one of the most remembered men in Russian history. In today's article we are going to look at this man. How he operated, how he lived and how he died. [...]


King Arthur: How Real is He?

For centuries historians have debated if King Arthur really existed. While none of us can say for certain, i think we can all keep an open mind. Now, when I talk about him existing, I mean just him. The Knights of The Round Table may have existed but people like Merlin probably didn't and was [...]

The Assassination of Spencer Perceval

Assassinations have happened all over the world, from Franz Ferdinand to JFK and a total of 4 American Presidents have been assassinated and assassination attempts were also carried out on Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Including some attempts that were carried out against assassinated presidents, such as Abraham Lincoln and [...]

Was Ulysses S. Grant a bad President?

Ulysses S. Grant was undoubtedly a great General and horseman. At the age of 5 he could stand on the back of a horse and was training them by the age of 9.  He served in the Mexican War and afterwards bounced around between jobs. His own brother hired him as a store clerk but [...]

Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator

Abraham Lincoln is one of if not the most popular president of all time. He abolished slavery, lead the country through a civil war, and has left his mark on American History. A few months ago, I brought you the story of Theodore Roosevelt. Now, we take a look at the life of America's 16th [...]

The Confederate States of America (1861 – 1865)

When Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860, he probably never thought he would have a civil war on his hands less than a year later. But that is exactly what happened when the southern states of America banded together and founded The Confederate States of America, or The Confederacy as it's better known. The [...]