A day in Hitler’s world

In 1945 the deadliest war ever known came to an end and thankfully, the right side won. Josef Stalin, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated the evil that was the Nazi party and Japan.

But the world we know today would be very different if they had lost and if Europe and the rest of the world had fallen to the Third Reich. Here’s what would of happened if Hitler had won.

So, the day after the Allies fell to the Nazis it’s likely that Native American’s would of had their land back, during World War II, Hitler convinced a group of Native Americans, lead by Chief Red Cloud to overthrow the U.S. Government and in return but the eastern states of America would of been controlled by the Nazis, while the western states would of been controlled by Japan.

As for the United Kingdom, there wouldn’t be one. Hitler’s plan for the UK was to use it for living space and army bases. Winston Churchill would of been executed and whether the Royal Family evacuated or not, they would of been executed as well. But it’s likely that The Royal Family would of been escorted out of the country as soon as the Nazis stepped foot on British soil. As for the rest of the Brits, they would of been enslaved or executed.

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(Photo Credit: BBC Studios)

Obviously, it goes without saying that the Jewish Religion would not exist, neither would the State of Israel. Hitler would of continued to run the extermination process from various concentration camps, with some in today’s world being worse than Auschwitz after the Jewish race was extinct, Hitler would opened a museum full of Jewish artifacts.

Something more frightening and strange for the future of a Nazi world, would of been the space mirror that Hitler wanted to put into space. The Nazis planned to put a gigantic mirror that was 1 mile in diameter into orbit 22,000 miles above the earth. The plan was to tilt the mirror to reflect the suns rays onto disobeying cities. Supposedly, the suns rays would of become beams of burning hot light that would engulf anything it touched into flames.

The Nazis and the Japanese had already divided up every part of the world, with the Japanese ruling over the world east of the 70th meridian; giving them India and everything beyond it. Japan’s Empire was to go with the name “The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere”. The people of Asia would have been forced to accept Japanese rule. Japanese would be the official language of the whole Eastern Hemisphere and Japanese teachers would of been in every school.

Australia and New Zealand would also be under Japanese rule. If the Nazis had won, Hitler believed it would be the end of every white person who lived there. With Germany and Japan being Allies, if they had won, they would be the new rulers of the world.

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But although they were allies, Hitler was sure there would be a war between the two countries and Hitler wanted to be ready when and if the war broke out. The plan was to make a human resistance shield of German colonists who could reside along the boarder. Reproducing as fast as they could. Any man of worth who had served at least 12 years in the Nazi army was to be sent to the Eastern boarder. They would of been given a farm and a gun and would be ordered to have as many children as possible. For the sake of his country, Hitler ordered that every man on the Eastern front was to father at least seven children.

As for Russia, as soon as The Nazis won the war, they would of started deporting 31 million Slavs to Siberia to work as slaves in forced labor camps and over in Britain a new law would of been enforced. Every able-bodied male between the ages of 17 and 45 was to be transferred to continental Europe, where they would be forced to work as slave laborers. Women and children would be allowed to stay in their homes, but as soon as the boys turned 17, they would be sent away and everything they owned would be plundered. Anyone who refused the Nazi rule was to be killed on the spot.

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Heinrich Himmler had a worse plan for the people of Britain. Himmler wanted to execute 80% of the British population as soon as Great Britain fell.

Obviously, we’ll never really know what life would be like today if Hitler had won the war, but hopefully this article gives you some idea on how bad things would be. I live in Great Britain, so chances are that if he did win, i would not of been born and you wouldn’t be reading this article. Thank you for reading though and i will see you next week with a new History blog.





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