The Native American role in World War II

The Nazis might have been genocidal white supremacists, but when it came to Native Americans, they were surprisingly accepting.

If Hitler had won World War II, part of his plan for when the Nazis took America, was to give the land back to the Natives. 

They had worked with a group called “The American Indian Federation” and won them over as fascist sympathizers. The Nazis loved the actions of their Native American sympathizers. So much so, that the Nazis publicly declared that Native Americans were Aryans and sent undercover propoganda officers to convince them to overthrow the U.S. Government 

In exchange for overthrowing the U.S. Government, Adolf Hitler would of gave the land back to the Natives. Wheather Hitler was telling the truth or not, Chief Red Cloud claimed that he had an army of 750,000 Native Americans ready to fight for Hitler.

The moment the Nazis stepped foot on American soil, he said they would help them tear the United States apart.

Though Hitler promised Native Americans their land back, he never actually had any plans of invading the United States.

Before America entered the war, he was sure that they would jump on the opportunity to attack Great Britain and when they did join, he insisted that it was all just part of a long-term plan to take out the British. 

No matter how the war ended, Hitler believed the Americans would attack Britain. He wouldn’t have to invade the U.S. Because he thought the British would do it for him.

If that had happened, The Natives would of been left with two choices, help the British and then turn on them or they could of just sat back and let it all play out. In one of his speeches Hitler said:

England and America will one day have a war with one another. Which will be waged with the greatest hatred imaginable. One of the two countries will have to disappear

If they didn’t, he’d make them. If the U.S. still stood after Europe fell to the Nazis, Hitler promised they would have to face the full onslaught from the Third Reich.


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