The Fallen of World War II: Review

This month’s blog will be a little different. Since i haven’t been able to sit down and do the research for a new history blog, i thought instead i would do a review of someone else. I know that seems kind of lazy, but my next blog is on a massive topic and i want to get it right. So with out further ado, here is my review of The Fallen of World War II, by Neil Halloran.

Before watching the video you are given an option of either an interactive video or just a normal video. (i suggest the interactive version for the video) The video concentrates on only the people that died during the war, hence the title. But Halloran counts both Soldiers and Civilians, which i found pretty cool.

i don’t want to give away too much of what he says in the video incase any of you decide to watch it for yourself, but for example he tells us that over 400,000 Americans were killed. Now although that seems like a lot, compared to other countries such as Russia and Germany. That number is quite low, but only because The US were late to war. After Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese 2 years into the war.


Germany Started the war when it invaded Poland. Poland lost 200,000 soldiers in the war, with most being killed after the invasion, while Germany only lost 16,000 during the invasion of Poland.

The video is around 18 minutes long and in that time, Halloran goes through each country affected by the war in one way or another and each country he talks about, he gives you a realisation about how that country was affected. Mainly when he talks about The US, The UK, Germany and most importantly, Russia.

But throughout the video, Halloran is giving you graphs and numbers and sometimes (during the interactive version) you are able to pause the video and play around with the graphs. Which i like he gives you that option. You are given this opportunity more than once during the video and why i suggest you take the interactive version is because you understand the video a whole lot more and it shows the videos full potential .


Halloran also talks about the affect the war had on today’s world and talks about ” The Long Peace” if you’re not sure what that is, it basically just refers to no European country going to war with other European countries and Civil Wars have almost completely disappeared.

Neil Halloran is a brilliant speaker and you can tell that he worked really hard on making this video. He has announced a sequel titled “The Shadow Peace”. But in the mean time we can all still enjoy the first one.

You can support Neil’s project to encourage more episodes. You can do his by following him on twitter (@neilhalloran) or on Patreon and donating the suggested ticket price for the film.

if you would like to watch the video for yourself you can go to:



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