The Kennedy Curse

They are undoubtedly one of the most well known families in America and although they were of Irish Decent, The Kennedy’s did not really have the luck of the Irish.

The wealthy Brookeline family encountered many unfortunate events over time and some say it’s a curse.

The so-called curse started with Joseph P. Kennedy, JFK’s father and ambassador to the UK.

His daughter Rosemary Kennedy suffered from mental health problems and while today Mental Health is treated properly, back then if you had a mental health disorder, then you were not normal and something was wrong with you.

She also had a very low IQ (somewhere between 68 and 70) this would make her as smart as an 8 year old. She had a lot of behaviour problems as well.

Rosemary Kennedy

During the time she turned roughly 23, her father Joseph decided to have a procedure performed on her known as a lobotomy. Which is no longer available, but it would be a brain surgery that would attempt to change your behaviour.

According to my research, she was strapped down to a table and they started the procedure while she was still awake. They cut down into her brain until she stopped functioning and that’s where it all went wrong.

The procedure was unsuccessful and she was reduced to the intelligence of a 2 year old. She received special care for the rest of her life and died in 2005 from natural causes.

In 1944, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr, who was the eldest of the Kennedy children, was killed in action. He served as a pilot but was killed in an explosion when a bomb went off.

The idea was that the pilots were going to bail before the bombs went off, but unfortunately it did not go to plan and the plane exploded of the English Channel.

Jospeh P. Kennedy

In 1948 Kathleen Kennedy, who was another sister of JFK, died in a plane crash over France. Later in 1955 Jaqueline Kennedy, who was JFK’s wife suffered a miscarriage. Later in 1956 Jaqueline and JFK had their first child but unfortunately the child was a stillborn.

In 1961, Joseph P. Kennedy suffered a stroke which pretty left him unable to anything until his death.

Jaqueline Kennedy

In 1963, JFK and Jaqueline suffered more with their children. Their second son Patrick Kennedy died just after 2 days of being born.

Shortly after that on November 22, 1963 John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald, while travelling in an open roof limousine.

JFK seconds away from being assassinated

A year later in 1964, Ted Kennedy, who was a brother of JFK, was in a plane accident. Fortunalty though he was pulled from the wreckage and survived the accident.

On June 5th 1968, Robert F. Kennedy who was JFK’s brother and campaign manager was fatally shot and killed in Los Angeles, California.

Robert F. Kennedy

This is what people find strange about the Kennedy’s the most. It’s unfortnate to have mental health and multiple plane crashes in your family, but to have two political assassinations happen within the space of 5 years, is just crazy. Especially when both happened to brothers.

Then in 1969, Ted Kennedy drove a car off a bridge by accident and actually killed two people but Ted Kennedy lived through that.

In 1973 Edward Kennedy Jr lost his leg due to cancer, he was only 12 years old.

Edward Kennedy Jr

Then later that year Joseph P. Kennedy jr, who was Robert Kennedy’s son, got into a car accident. Luckily he was ok, but he left his passenger paralysed.
Again, in 1973 Jaqueline Kennedy’s step son, Alexander was killed in a Plane Crash.

In 1984, Robert’s other son, David died from an overdose of cocaine. Ten years later in 1994 Jaqueline Kennedy died from a long term battle of cancer.

David Kennedy

In 1997 Roberts other son, Michael died from a fatal ski crash accident.

John F. Kennedy Jr died in 1999 along with his wife Caroline and her sister when they crashed their plane into the Atlantic Ocean.

There is a lot more that happened to the Kennedy family, which I could talk about, but you get the jist.

Many people wonder how the curse fell onto the Kennedy family, and the theory is that in 1842 a member of the Kennedy family found a chest full of gold in a village in Ireland.

It’s believed that the coins were cursed and after he took them, the villiage that he took them from was destroyed somehow.

He moved to Boston sometime after that and used all the coins that he had found to create what is now The Kennedy Family, and put it into business and politics and them became extremely rich.

Ted Kennedy

But Ted Kennedy who was the only surviving Kennedy sibling, said that there is no curse and that it all happened by chance. Because when you live in a family as big as his, bad things are bound to happen. Ted Kennedy died in 2009.

So, what are your thoughts? Are the Kennedy’s cursed? Or is just all a coincidence? Let me know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “The Kennedy Curse

  1. The Kennedys are a fascinating family. But I don’t believe in curses (despite being a longtime Cleveland sports fan). I think you hit it right with your comment about theirs being a large family. Also, they’re continually in the spotlight, so the public bears witness to all their sorrows. And much of it is probably just plain happenstance (aka “bad luck”). I think too many people focus on the sensational. The Kennedy’s should be applauded and honored for their dedication to civil affairs and making a positive difference in thousands of people’s lives. But your essay was enjoyable!

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. I agree. The Kennedy’s were constantly in the spotlight, making them easy targets. Not only that but a lot of them were politicians (and we all know how popular they can be).

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