The JFK Assassination

November 22nd 1963: President John F Kennedy is travelling in an open roof limousine with his wife Jackie Kennedy and the Governor of Texas, John Connally and his wife Nellie.

As the Motorcade travelled down Houston Street and turned onto Elm Street, Governor Connally turned around to Kennedy and said, “You can’t say that Dallas isn’t friendly to you today.” At that moment Lee Harvey Oswald who is on the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository just behind Elm Street opened fire on the presidential limousine.

There are a number of suspicions as to why he chose to wait until Kennedy was on Elm Street to Pick his moment to strike. Houston Street offered a clear sight of President Kennedy, whereas Elm Street was covered with trees.

There is a theory that he was waiting to triangulate his shots with a second gunman. The first shot missed, hitting a traffic light, the second shot hit Kennedy and Connally simultaneously and the third shot struck Kennedy through the right side of his head.

The position of Connally’s body was angled awkwardly because he was waiting for response from Kennedy to something he just said. Connally’s position explained why the second shot wounded him the way it did.

At 12:30 pm President Kennedy had been shot twice. As the car sped up to get Kennedy to the closest hospital, Jackie, his wife climbed onto the trunk of the car with Secret Service standing on the bumper of the limousine keeping her in the car and protecting the motorcade.

In the area just behind the grassy knoll, three homeless men who were heading away from the plaza, out of town, were arrested by Dallas police minutes after the shootings. It was said that one of these men bore a striking resemblance to a CIA agent, implicating government involvement in the assassination.

The fact they were heading away from the Grassy Knoll, the place believed to be the location of the second gunman, fuelled this theory. The Grassy Knoll is the most believed location of a second gunman, this is because an eyewitness said they saw and could hear shots being fired from the Grassy Knoll.
The Presidential motorcade was on a ten mile route through the city, with the Dallas Trade Mart as the destination, where a civic lunch was planned.
Why it is so believable is because the Grassy Knoll offered good cover. An escape route across the train tracks backed onto it and would allow any shooter an excellent view of the President’s motorcade. If you go by what Dallas doctors say, you would believe that President Kennedy was shot in the neck and through the front right side of his head (meaning Oswald didn’t kill Kennedy).

If you go by what the FBI say, you would believe that Kennedy was shot in the lower back of his neck and through the back right of his head and if you go by what the Navy say, you would believe that Kennedy was shot straight through the back of the neck and through the back right of his head.

Kennedy was pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital at 1:00pm. Police had Oswald’s description from a man who saw him in the window of the Schoolbook Depository. After the shooting, Oswald left the area and got on a bus, later getting into a taxi. After he got out of the taxi he walked down a street towards the Inn he was staying at when an Officer named Tibbit asked Oswald to come over to the car and show him his hands. When he did, Officer Tibbit then asked Oswald to come to the front of the car, Oswald opened fire and shot Officer Tibbit a number of times in the chest, killing him.

A man sitting in a car saw Oswald kill the officer and when Oswald left, the man used the police radio to say what happened. Oswald then walked into a movie theatre without paying, to hide himself from police, but the woman on the box office called the Police and Oswald was arrested In the movie theatre.

Dallas Police searched the house Oswald’s wife was staying at and where Oswald had spent the night before the assassination. When they asked his wife if he owned a rifle, she said yes and told them it was in the garage, when they found the rug he kept the rifle wrapped up in, the rifle was gone.

He was then charged for the assassination of President Kennedy. Two days later on the 24th November 1963, Oswald was put on trial. As they led him into the courtroom, Jack Ruby, who was a mafia boss and club owner, stepped out of the crowd and shot Oswald, killing him. Ironically, Lee Harvey Oswald died on the same bed that Kennedy was pronounced dead on. President Kennedy was buried on November 25th 1963 at Arlington National Cemetery. Lee Harvey Oswald was buried on the same day.

Up until her death, Oswald’s mother always believed that her son was innocent and was set up by the government. Not only that, she believed that Oswald should have been buried in the same cemetery as Kennedy.


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